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What I Do

I transform technological and scientific topics

into fascinating background stories.

I open up insights for a wider community,

which used to be closed books.

I illuminate the background of recent social topics

in a comprehensible, exciting, and sound way.

I refine exciting insider topics in a comprehensible way

for an interestet audience

Partner for

Start-Ups, HighTech,


  • Transport Your Topic Into Communities

  • Stimulate Enthusiasm for Your Technology

  • Arouse Curiosity by Comprehension

  • Let People Understand What You Do

  • Illustrate Your Impact on Society & Daily Life

Partner for

The Reader

  • Technology to Grasp for Everybody

  • Captivating Stories from Tech and Science

  • Controversial Subjects Fact-Checked

  • Linked to Recent Topics of Society

Sound Background Creates Confidence

New Topics Become Debatable

Comprehension Creates Space

For Curiosity

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